Project Info

We are equipping the locals with the knowledge they need to improve their livelihoods and have access to clean water.
  • Client: Nkulumashiba Village
  • Category: Education, Water & Sanitation, Infrastructure
  • Inception Date: December 2016
  • Location: Nkulumashiba B

Located in the heart of the Copperbelt, in the district of Lufwanyama is a village known as Nkulumashiba B. The place is 55Km away from Chingola where the heart of purity care organisation is located. This village was introduced to us by one of the people who own a farm in the same village. When he explained to me, I thought it was a dream until I and my team took a step to go and visit the village. Upon arrival in the village we discovered that everything the man had said was all true. We found that they was no health centre, school, water supply etc. We can say the place knows nothing about civilization. An interview conducted with the villagers showed as that they was great need in the areas of education, maternal health, water, sensitization on developmental programs, human rights, sexual transmitted diseases proper road networks etc. the people complained of the high rate of maternal death because they was no health centre in the village, they said they had no access to schools, health centres, good water, market and they knew nothing on human rights. The people are blessed with abundance of land but have no knowledge of commercial farming, the only thing they knew was charcoal burning. It was discovered that due to these and more reasons, the people were left with no options but to indulge in early marriages, alcohol drinking etc.

Upon getting all the necessary information, we sat as a team and we came up with the plan of helping the village in all that we can. We therefore went to see the chief of the village who welcomed our proposal and agreed to work hand in hand with us.

From that time we have started bit by bit. We have so far started a community school, recreation centre for the youths and children, sensitization classes, health treatments and supply of necessary materials such as clothing’s, books for the school, soccer balls etc.

In our agenda we are working with the chief to see to it that the village may have access to good water and sanitation, good infrastructure, good market where they can buy and sell goods at competitive prices, open a proper health centre. Lastly the organization has fully dedicated itself to help the villager live a better life.


Project Info

We plan to plant gum trees and pine trees to help preserve the environment.
  • Client: Nkulumashiba Village
  • Category: Environmental protection
  • Inception Date: September 2019
  • Location: Nkulumashiba B

Cross-cutting Issues


HIV/AIDS can affect and infect everyone but there is special relationship between HIV/AIDS and poverty. Poor people have less education, and lack vital information and skills to protect themselves from HIV. Uneducated girls are particularly vulnerable. HIV/AIDS mostly affects young adults and parents, so families lose the patient’s income and labour. The epidemic has also produced nearly one million orphaned children. Many children suffer from the trauma of losing their parents, as well as shifting into new households, and dropping out of school. Others are vulnerable to abuse or end up joining the growing number of street children.

Gender Issues

In Zambia, as many countries throughout the world, women are more vulnerable to poverty as well as social and cultural disadvantages ,women get less access to education, employment and economic opportunity and female–headed households are poor, with greater levels of food security and malnutrition , with uplifting women Zambia is wasting half its human resources. After all sustainable economic growth depend on everyone .once supported by your organization will address gender issues as vital part of our project development.


Poverty and environment are closely related, people where we are proposing to undertake tree planting project, are often dependent on natural resources for their environment, or use natural resources in a sustainable manner as a result, their income are unsustainable, as they fell trees to sell charcoal, fish right through the year, or use agricultural methods that will degrade the soil, when the resources are finished, the future is bleak. Environmental sustainability is essential for agricultural and formal development. Purity Care has identified soil degradation and deforestation is key problems that need to be addressed.

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